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FOURDIGIT Inc. establishes a subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

FOURDIGIT Inc. is announcing the establishment of FOURDIGIT VIETNAM Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company in Vietnam. FOURDIGIT VIETNAM joins FOURDIGIT (THAILAND) Co., Ltd., established in October of last year, to become our second subsidiary company in Southeast Asia.

In Vietnam, where the necessity for digital design continues to grow along with the economy, we will provide services not only to local companies but also to Japanese companies operating in Vietnam, working in coordination with teams in Japan and Thailand with the goal of leading the digital design market in Southeast Asia.

Providing the digital design that becomes increasingly necessary as economic growth progresses

Among Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is experiencing some of the most continuous economic growth. With its first subway line slated to begin operation in 2021, and as the development of real estate and shopping areas in urban centers continues apace, the utilization of digital technology is also advancing rapidly.

FOURDIGIT VIETNAM will serve as a provider of the digital design that is indispensable for the digital transformation that progresses along with the growth of the economy. We will provide support for the digital transformation (DX) of businesses and services and for the creation and utilization of digital tools.

Leading the digital design market with a wealth of IT personnel capability

Vietnam has a national policy that strongly promotes the development of its IT industry, and as a result many highly skilled engineers have been produced. FOURDIGIT VIETNAM plans to actively recruit these young and talented Vietnamese engineers and provide cutting-edge digital design using modern implementation of front-end development as a strength.

By working together with teams in Japan and Thailand, we can strengthen not only our engineering abilities but also our design thinking and creative perspectives as we aim to lead Vietnam’s digital design market, which is expected to see growth.

Accelerating our expansion into the Southeast Asian market with the establishment of FOURDIGIT VIETNAM

As FOURDIGIT’s business expands, more opportunities to collaborate with international teams arise. Following the establishment of FOURDIGIT THAILAND last year, the establishment of FOURDIGIT VIETNAM will further accelerate our expansion into the Southeast Asian market. Looking ahead to the growing market that is the digital design industry, we will continue to proactively expand into the Southeast Asian market and provide design with value to people around the world.

■ FOURDIGIT VIETNAM Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name : FOURDIGIT VIETNAM Co., Ltd.
Location : 4th Dang Huu Pho Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Representative : Yasuhiro Nishimura, Representative Director & CEO
Established : July 2020
No. of employees : 10
Areas of business : Digital design, consulting, service design

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