For beauty in people’s lives

There is an expression "functional beauty," which refers not only to the beauty of a thing but also to its beauty in use. Today, digital technology is changing society dramatically. In the coming future, a future of great change, people’s experiences in themselves will be mediated by beautiful design. In that future, design won’t be a special type of beauty, it will seek to be beautiful in the normal.

As all digital technologies go on permeating our lives, FOURDIGIT designs the experiences themselves, designs better communication, and designs ways of continuously creating value.

Design as business solution

The ascendency of the customer experience is upon us. Users determine the value of a product or company based on their experience. Design is an essential element when seeking to create better experiences, communication, and services, in addition to technology and business.

At FOURDIGIT, we believe that ultimately, the quality of what users see and touch is the most important, so we place importance on providing the designs that quality demands. While adopting approaches such as human-centered design (HCD) and design thinking, we hold fast to the spirit of craftsmanship, dedication to detail, and the now ubiquitous monozukuri (excellent product creation) approach, to maximize output quality and results. The design team (consultants, project managers, designers, and engineers) work side by side with clients giving form to processes, to realize a better future.