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FOURDIGIT brings together diverse team members of different ages and nationalities. It is exactly because we are a diverse and complex team that we want to keep close our underlying ways of life, attitudes, and values. That underlying way of thinking is written in FOURDIGIT’s principles: Identity, Mission, and Rules. They represent our stance, our orientation toward constant growth, for a better future. This stance, facing what’s in front of us with all our power, is in FOURDIGIT’s nature.


FOURDIGIT’s company Identity is to pursue the happiness of everyone involved. We deliver services and products that bring happiness, joy, to our customers, partners, and everyone beyond, with the happiness of our staff as the starting point. That brings forth gratitude, in turn bringing happiness to our staff. We are committed to maintaining this good kind of environment, a harmonized environment.


FOURDIGIT is oriented toward growth. We engage with our work, seriously and with all our powers, which means firstly that we grow as individuals and ultimately that the firm grows, so there is mutual growth. That is what we aim for. This growth is multifaceted, more than just capabilities or sales, and ultimately leads to growth as human beings, improvement of our humanity. This, in turn, brings happiness to everyone involved.


The way we think and act on a daily basis is especially important for realizing our Identity and Mission. By “Rules,” we don’t mean “rules to keep an eye on behavior.” It’s precisely because our Rules are an everyday matter that we have set them out as something for us to reflect on ourselves, not just to follow because someone tells us.

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