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Designing sustainability

At FOURDIGIT we base our work in sustainability on the idea of Creating Shared Value (CSV). An enterprise creates CSV when it simultaneously builds economic and social value by working to address social issues through its business activities. We design structures that enable sustainable growth, creating mutual economic benefits so as to share the value we provide with society at large.


MOM FoR STAR is a web-design employment and collaboration project aimed at single mothers in Okinawa. FOURDIGIT creates programs that function as entry points for working in IT by assembling learning flows and operations, and breaking down the tasks to be undertaken. MOM FoR STAR supports upskilling and career advancement and is attracting more collaborators to take on digital design.

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Located in Danang, Vietnam, VBPO is an IT enterprise committed to employment and training for people with disabilities. FOURDIGIT has been engaged with VBPO as a partner since 2018 and is working together with them on some of their content operation projects.

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