We design services.

We design and implement "services with real use value" from the user's point of view. We take on projects to build businesses using digital technology, to update existing businesses, and to build customer/employee experiences, which will be needed for future business. Based on a user-centric UX design approach, teams with solid design capabilities work side by side on everything from consulting to frontend development.


    We do design research and issue identification and ideation sessions to understand users in the true sense, avoiding decisions based on preconceptions, and we verify the ideal approach from the business effectiveness, urgency, and serviceability perspectives. We move projects forward using a co-creation approach, to aggregate the various positions and opinions.

  • POC

    We visualize as storyboards and concept videos the experience designs and challenges identified. We also create prototypes and mockups that enable real experience of the service, and examine acceptability and feasibility. By repeating the process of detailing, verifying, and evaluating, we elevate the service to a higher level of value.


    We build what users come in contact with. Taking advantage of our experience in frontend development, our designers and developers discuss the project as they work to create the optimal output. In addition to consulting for experience design, we apply our dependable design and technical capabilities to providing designs that lead to problem solving.


    Service design means engaging to maximize service use value for users. In addition to fine tuning the surface design, we work out user requirements and challenges below the surface. To do this, decision making may be required of all departments, stakeholders, and management levels.
    FOURDIGIT’s service design team not only handles consulting, design, and implementation as an external partner, but works as a team member on product and service development, working side by side with our clients for them to provide better products and services to users.



FOURDIGIT is looking for people to take on design and tech challenges with us.
Please inquire or consult us about your plans. Feel free to contact us even before the project phase.