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S・GROOVENew Graduate Recruitment Site

Recruitment Site That Not Only Conveys the Attractiveness of the Work But Also Expresses the Brand Style

We created a new graduate recruitment site for “S-GROOVE”, which was launched by consolidating the sales and customer service staff of the TSI group. In order to promote the corporate brand power as one of the total solution companies in the industry and improve visibility, we created a site preferred by applicants from the brand style and image. We brush up the content every year to contribute to the recruitment of human resources, the driving force of the business.
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Exploring the Team Identity

“S・GROOVE” was launched by consolidating the sales and customer service staff of TSI Holdings, which owns apparel brands such as ROSE BUD, Laline, and JILL STUART. As it was the 1st year for the team since being launched, the mission of this project was to increase visibility, which would in turn lead to recruitment. In order to be differentiated from their competitors, it was necessary to start by exploring the brand identity “S・GROOVE-ness”.

Beyond Just a Recruitment Site, Maximizing the Attractiveness of Apparel Sales

One of the appeals of “S・GROOVE” is having many brand channels and a wide range of career paths. Therefore, rather than creating just a recruitment page, we decided to show the appeals of working in apparel sales and other various careers, which would lead to better recruitment.
By having staff dressed in clothes from the group’s brands as models, we expressed the concept of “For Each One to Shine” to create a design which maximized the strength of the apparel brands. We succeeded in conveying the attractiveness of the industry and the enjoyment of work to those who would join the company in the future.

Achieved About Twice the Expected Results

Even though the site provides gorgeous visuals with images by being interactive, it was implemented as SPA, assuming the main target audience to be smartphone users. It has enabled comfortable browsing.
The major theme was branding to cultivate “S・GROOVE-ness”, but at the same time, results are also important in recruitment. The conversion rate improved by raising the readability of the user flow and content. We were able to achieve about twice the expected recruitment results.

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S・GROOVE Co., Ltd.


Kazuyuki TAKEDA
Toshiki KOSUGI
Tsubasa NAGAI
Takuya ABE




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