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"Conversational Marketing" to reach out to healthcare professionals

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the highly regulated industry in terms of marketing approach to the customer. Roche (Thailand), a leading pharmaceutical company, went through the digital transformation passage and has been working on a new digital channel, and it's paying off. They developed a digital solution based on LINE, the most popular messaging platform in Thailand, to provide an engaging experience to reach more healthcare professionals. FOURDIGIT (Thailand) is responsible for turnkey solution covering from Service Design, UX consultant, Design and Development.
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"Conversational Marketing" to increase brand loyalty

It is undeniable that the messaging application is a mandatory app in this modern era. In order to reach to the untapped customer in the market, the most intuitive approach is communication utilizing "conversation". Roche (Thailand) has developed a digital tool to provide a variety of medical content using the messaging app for a long-term effort to acquire potential customers. We design customer journeys and experiences that embed health care professionals in their services by providing full functionality and encourage active participation in the platform.

Enriched content and Q&A to experts

It provides a comprehensive range of content, from research information at events and conferences to drug administration information. Healthcare professionals can use LINE's rich menu to explore medical information content that interests them. Carousel cards content are being used to provide more interesting content. A variety of content can be provided according to the user, including PDF files, LIFF application for searching sales representatives, and members-only web content.

Users can also ask questions to experts in particular therapeutic and speciality. Roche (Thailand) responds to this with an auto-responder chatbot and CMS. They can increase brand loyalty through two-way communication based on "conversation".

Significantly growth in number of users in the first 2 months after launch

This service has paid off in the first two months, showing an increase in the number of users and engagement. This solution provides Roche (Thailand) with customer information so that the customer success team can approach customers in the future. We have been successful in both their brand loyalty and their marketing approach.


Roche Thailand Ltd.


Karun Warapongsittikul
Pasut Piyapasut
Thanit Jirapivatthanakul
Pasut Piyapasut
Kanokwan Chowsri

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