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To Communicate the Brand From a Global Perspective

The Pokémon Company specializes in Pokémon content, creating content and products, marketing, and getting involved in a whole range of other activities to develop Pokémon into a lasting brand. Its market has expanded rapidly in recent years, first in Japan, then overseas, and the company has been attracting attention from all over the world. Amidst that expansion, expanding and improving The Pokémon Company website became an urgent task. FOURDIGIT undertook the task of rebuilding it with content that would promote understanding of the Company from a global perspective and selecting language and materials with an awareness of the differences and diversity of countries, regions, and cultures.
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Sharing the Commitment to Pokémon with the World

The Company is the producer for services destined not only for Japan but for the whole world and already had service websites for each region. Its corporate website was meant to communicate the Company’s direction, but it only had information intended for the Japanese market that had been translated into English, which was not sufficient for overseas users to gain an understanding of the Company. FOURDIGIT rebuilt the website with the aim of unifying the Company’s brand and governance and launching a website that communicates its intentions as a company to the whole world, while keeping in step with marketing activities in the various regions.

Bringing Previously Unseen Corporate Activities Front and Center

A corporate website is a place that allows the Company to convey its aims, something that is difficult to do on a service website for general consumers. Communicating the ideas that guide a company’s activities, including to other countries where information about services takes precedence over information about the company, leads to better understanding of that company. We undertook content inventory and arrangement and we added pages that communicate the Company’s activities, such as cultural support, as well, of course, as its corporate philosophy and messages. Bringing the previously unseen workings of the company front and center reveals the Company’s attractive points, which go unnoticed with service alone.

Branding with Full Use of Color, Layout, and Motion

Pikachu: The world famous Pokémon. Pikachu’s yellow color has gained recognition as the color that represents Pokémon. By minimizing Pokémon visuals and using yellow as the key color on the website as well, we have loaded it with the intention of making it "the corporate yellow." While creating a brand vibe with large photos and relaxed blank spaces, we devised layout and motion that suggest there is attractive content down the page. We came up with a design that naturally encourages viewers to scroll with only a slight movement and that makes it easy for them to browse the website without conscious effort.


The Pokémon Company


Sayaka IDE
Toshimitsu WATANABE
Cheemeng LONG
Yoshitaka SHINMURA
Tsubasa NAGAI


Satoshi NAGARE


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Design update in line with brand strategy to make it easier for viewers to find the products.

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