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Better Work Style for Employees Visualize How to Measure Effective Communication Together

This project aimed to create a better workstyle for employees. We started by understanding the underlying issues of employees and created personas and customer journeys. We supported various work styles of each employee with a specific measurement provided for each of them.
Solution / Output
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To Continue Growing in the Rapidly Changing Industry

NTT DATA Corporate Solutions sector has been developing support for a wide range of IT business activities such as manufacturing, distribution, and services. As an entire industry changed rapidly, we were considering of redesign the communication environment in order for work efficiency, understanding between division, and creating communication for penetration.

3 Days Workshop to Identify Organization Issues

FOURDIGIT conducted questionnaire analysis and interviews in order to understand and clarify the issues of employees. Based on the results, we held 3 days workshop. We started by creating a persona with the most challenging issues. After that, we held workshops with NTT DATA employees to identify issues such as what kind of action the persona took or if they feel any obstacle during their work. We exchanged ideas to solve the issues and visualized the communication improvement plan for employees.

Visualizing Employees Voice is the First Step of Better Work Style

“Employee Experience” trend is getting more attention in the present day and many companies are currently looking for a specific measurement for diverse activities of their employees. It is important to be aware of the issues faced by employees and need to work together to solve internal issues effectively. FOURDIGIT took part in planning, empathizing issues, and co-created with NTT DATA members to find a solution for this project. As a result, we received positive feedback from employees about the improvement plan such as “We were glad that our thought was taking seriously” and “We are interested and would like to know more in detail” which are the first step for achieving better workstyle for employees.


NTT DATA Corporate Soulitons Division


Takehiro SUENARI
Yasushi TAKEDA
Wataru SAITO, Nozomu NITTA

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