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Shopping malls mobile app which improves customer loyalty with gamification

Design the system and application for SAMYAN MITRTOWN to strengthen bond between customer and shopping mall, improve customer experience by using the gamification and habit forming technique.
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To be chosen by users because of the unique shopping experience

SAMYAN MITRTOWN is a new shopping mall located at the central area of Bangkok. This area has high density of shopping mall. The goal of this project is how to make SAMYAN MITRTOWN stands out of competitors and bring up uniqueness of SAMYAN MITRTOWN identity.

Extract ideas from target users research

After a research phase, we discovered SAMYAN MITRTOWN has many location uniquenesses, a strong legacy, and full of past stories. We define the major persona of this project as a University student who is "Food lover" and "Avid learner". We interview and get insight from this type of user to create a customer journey map and experience goal. We use these data to ideate the system architecture and design.

Improve designs with usability tests

The mobile application has been used to be the primary touchpoint to users. We designed this application carefully with a combination of uniqueness including an intuitive user interface. During the design phase, we did multiple rounds of usability testing to ensure our design will be flawless.

Gamification to develop user attachment

We build a gamification engine to increase customer and shopping mall engagement, by using the mobile application as the main touchpoint. The result of this project is a success story. Gamification causes user engagement to go a lot higher than KPI.

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Golden Land Property Development PCL


Karun Warapongsittikul , Sunt Hongsogntham
Sukhum Boondecharak
Methawee Arunwijitsakun , Patcharapong Phangpan
Lerdsak Srilor
Thanit Jirapivatthanakul


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