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Japan Post BankBankbook App

UI/UX Design Representing the Gateway to a Digital Shift

A bankbook app that enables Japan Post Bank integrated account holders to check their current balance and account activity statement at any time using a smartphone. To make this application a gateway for a digital service shift by those users who have only ever used a counter or an ATM, we focused on developing simple functionality and easy operation. With a wide range of anticipated users, our goal was to create an app that would be attractive even to those who lack confidence with IT.
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Establishing a Target Persona From Amongst the Broad User Base

For many, Japan Post Bank is a friendly neighborhood presence. Users have widely differing attributes and therefore for this project, we established our target user as someone who resists internet banking or lacks confidence with IT. We therefore envisaged a persona with concerns such as, “I’m worried about internet banking”, “the procedure seems like a lot of trouble”, or “it’s difficult to operate”. By developing an app targeted toward these people, we aimed to create something that was easy for anyone to use.

Coming Up With a Concept Based on User Research

To deepen the direction of the concept and design of the app, we conducted user research from perspectives such as preferences, lifestyle, and money management. We ascertained what it is that users experience as hurdles, and extrapolated several key words. To make the banking app acceptable to first-time users we chose “peace of mind/reliability”, and to make it seem simple to use, “lightheartedness”, and “playfulness”. Then to give it a modern but hassle-free image, we selected “something new within your grasp”. We designed the app to exemplify all of these concepts.

A Design That Combines “Novelty” With “Simplicity” and “Reliability” With “Playfulness”

We kept the functionality of the app simple to ensure that there are few obstacles for the user. The UI was designed for intuitive operation, with the operation screens featuring small amounts of information within a pale color scheme. In contrast, the tutorials and splash screens create a feeling of playfulness and fun using a mix of graphics, interactions, and pop-up messages. Peace of mind and a sense of reliability are fostered with the color green, Japan Post Bank’s corporate color, and soft color gradation is used to create an impression of lightheartedness.

Implementing a Unified Concept Carried Through to Promotion

We also handled creation of promotional materials such as posters, leaflets, and advertising signage when the app was released. The unified concept was reflected all the way through from the design phase, and we rolled out our marketing campaign for Japan Post Bank users with the slogan “My new bankbook? Not bad at all”. For those who had never used a banking app or who lacked confidence with IT, we promoted the app as “something new within your grasp”.


Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd.


Takehiro SUENARI
Yasuhide ARAI , Reiko OKUDA
Noriyuki ARAI
Nozomu NITTA , Mitsuaki USHIJIMA
Toshika KOSAKO




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