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Big CShopping Application

Improving a shopping app based on UX research to make it easier to use a variety of functions

Big C is a supermarket chain that operates mainly in Thailand, and its large supermarkets stocking fresh foods and daily necessities are widely popular. FOURDIGIT Thailand was in charge of developing the shopping app for BIG C. Based on UX research, we designed a shopping app that is easy to use for a wide range of users.
Solution / Output
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Comfortable shopping experience with one app

Supermarkets offer a wide range of digital services, including online shopping, payment, loyalty program, and coupon functions. The problem with Big C was that these functions were divided into multiple apps. Users had to download a number of apps, and when making payments, they had to go through the wallet app and the membership card app respectively, which compromised the comfortable shopping experience. The development of the app began with the aim of consolidating the various functions related to shopping into a single app and making it easy to use for all users.

Design based on thorough user research

FOURDIGIT Thailand has strengths in UX research and takes an approach to derive the optimum solution from deep user understanding. In Big C app development as well, we designed user experiences by deriving opportunities areas through analysis such as user behavior surveys, competitive surveys, mental model definitions, and persona designs.
The keyword is "MODERN & FRIENDLY". The information architecture was designed to minimize the user's interaction with the system while providing multiple functions. The menu uses more icons and photos than text and can be operated intuitively from the top page.

Various functions that are simple and easy to use

The design is based on Big C's brand colors, green and red, to express the freshness and friendliness of a supermarket. The app is designed with a simple and clean layout so that users can easily find their way around while being presented with a variety of information. We have completed a shopping application with full functions such as EC function, wallet function, membership card function, sale information, store locator, etc., which allows users to shop online and pay in stores seamlessly.

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Big C Supercenter Public Company Limited


Kunlaya Thianwongsathien , Chantat Sirimongkolkasem , Lerdsak Sriklor , Thanit Jirapivatthanakul
Sunt Hongsongtham
Sukhum Boondecharak
Janjira Songsuwong

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