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We Wish You a Happy New Year 2023

Representative Director, CEO, Ryo Taguchi

Best wishes for the new year.
In the past year, FOURDIGIT has undergone structural restructuring to achieve significant growth over the medium to long term, and we are continuing to make changes with the aim of creating a structure that enables us to provide value as a unified team, including our overseas branches. Social changes such as exchange rate and price fluctuations are always uncertain, but that is why we are determined to move forward with unchanging beliefs, responding flexibly to changes. We will continue to face each task one by one, and together with you, we will strive to solve social issues and work toward a better future. We look forward to your continued support of FOURDIGIT in the year ahead.

Director, COO, Takehiro Suenari

Best wishes for the new year.
Last year, we traveled around Japan and overseas, and had many opportunities to interact with a wide variety of people. In the process, we were able to reaffirm the importance of communicating face to face and actually visiting and experiencing firsthand what it is like. We shared a good time with everyone and felt the joy of working together to solve various issues. I keenly felt the preciousness of things that I used to take for granted. We will continue to face “people” and design better experiences for “people”. This year, we would like to continue to grow by taking even more full swings.

Director, CTO, Nobuyuki Nishigaki

Best wishes for the new year.
I would like to thank everyone for your support last year. Now that it is easier to move between our offices in Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, we are striving to create a better experience as a global team by deepening our collaboration across the country. Both as FOURDIGIT and as an individual, I would like to continue to grow through many challenges this year. I look forward to working with you all more than ever.

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We Wish You a Happy New Year 2022

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