We design relationships.

We provide designs to build better relationships with users, supported by dependable quality. User points of contact in the digital space, including websites, signage ads, apps, and store devices are more widespread than ever. Data utilization and strategic communication design are now necessities, so we combine design to visualize the "identity" of each company, brand, and product, and design to serve the "functions" that marketing strategies require, at a high level.


    We research and analyze users themselves and the situations in which users are placed. At the same time, we work to gain a deep understanding of the client's business and create empathy with and shared understanding of users. After creating the touch points and concepts, we grasp the core elements and input them.


    We put together concepts for better communication and experience designs that connect users and businesses. We firm up the specific requirements as we work to make things that people understand by seeing and experiencing with their eyes. In some cases, we do our creative work with a co-creation model, mainly through workshops.


    We grasp the aims of the concept, create visual designs that incorporate them in the form of photographs, text, design, etc., and create interface designs that improve usability and achieve those aims. We create the most suitable output combining appealing quality with usability.


    While the digital space goes on permeating consumer life, FOURDIGIT has been involved in a wide variety of web projects, including corporate, brand and recruitment sites that demand visual quality. Member information, EC, and product sites that require digital marketing and data utilization. We choose the approach that best suits our clients’ various challenges. Our design team works side by side with clients for the optimal answers, taking a comprehensive approach that includes understanding users, logic-based design, the quality of the output, continuity and operational perspectives, and so on.



FOURDIGIT is looking for people to take on design and tech challenges with us.
Please inquire or consult us about your plans. Feel free to contact us even before the project phase.