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Design as Business Solution


We design services from the user's perspective.

We plot the ideal service from the users' perspective, including all the experiences surrounding their daily lives, and bring that to formulating websites, apps, and products. In designing experiences both online and offline, FOURDIGIT puts together new services, updates existing services, develops digital products, and more. From UX consulting to UI development and implementation, we deliver a comprehensive range of service requirements.

Dream On

Create future experiences together that don't exist yet

Strategic PlanningUX DesignArt DirectionVisual DesignFrontend Development


We design empathy and trust.

We comes to a deep understanding of the particular attributes of companies, products, and services to design outputs that crystallize the value of those attributes. We formulate brand identities with a digital starting point, we build design systems, we lay out content that communicates corporate values, and we provide the websites, digital tools, and media, etc. where they are utilized.


We design systems for reach.

We designs outputs and creates experience designs to fulfill the necessary roles within digital marketing activities. We deliver designs for companies and services to build better relationships with users, such as product and service promotions and online shops.


We design ongoing value.

Digital strategies such as website and service launch don't end once they’re up and running: They need to be continuously improved. We work as a team to provide support in areas that are difficult for companies to cover in-house alone, like content operations, quality maintenance, data analysis, and continuous improvement strategies.