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Design as Business Solution


Designing services from the user's perspective

We create a picture of how the service should be from the user's point of view, then link that in with developing the new service or updating the existing service, and ultimately product architecture. Whether it’s on- or offline, we bring a comprehensive approach to designing services.


A new mobile communication service created to meet the needs of users

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Designing high-quality products that feel nice to use

FOURDIGIT designs digital products used in services like apps, web services, and IoT devices. We deliver high-quality products that feel nice to use in the front-end implementation and UI/UX design, which is all underpinned by our service concept.


Designing empathy and trust

We come to a clear understanding of the special characteristics of the business, its products, and its services before designing digital communications that will deliver the brand’s value. FOURDIGIT deliverables include branding, visual concept, design system architecture, and content design.


Designing comprehensive experiences

FOURDIGIT creates comprehensive pictures that encompass not only digital spaces, but also physical spaces and products, and we provide the consulting and the outputs required to realize them.

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