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FOURDIGIT has been consistently delivering digital designs linking businesses with users since launching in 2001.
Our unwavering goal has been to create high-quality products by squarely addressing both businesses and users in the ever-expanding digital world.

As a professional enterprise partner, we work alongside our customers in service creation, DX, and digital initiatives, delivering design & tech business solutions across the globe.

Company nameFOURDIGIT Inc.
EstablishedJuly 2001
SalesJPY 3.41 billion (Group consolidated result for the fiscal year ending June 2022)
Executive OfficersRyo TAGUCHI – Representative Director, CEO
Takehiro SUENARI – Director, COO
Nobuyuki NISHIGAKI – Director, CTO

Katsuki HANAUE – Executive Officer
Nozomu NITTA – Executive Officer
Kazuki YABE – Executive Officer
Kota ISHIDA – Executive Officer
Taishi YOKOYAMA – Executive Officer
Yasuhiro NISHIMURA – Executive Officer
Takuya ABE – Executive Officer
Wataru SAITO – Executive Officer

Takanori KUSHIDA – Outside Director
Nobuo MURAOKA – Auditor
Employees186 (including part-time staff) *As of November 2022
SubsidiariesFOURDIGIT (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.
Creative Survey Inc.
Main Business DetailsService development/ Organizational development/ DX support
System, application, and digital tool development
Research/ UX design/ UI design/ Front-end development
Website construction, design, development, and analysis
Digital marketing/ Contents production/ Operations support
Other related digital design business
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