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Saishunkan Pharmaceutical ThailandDomohorn Wrinkle Communication Space

Create a new brand image and customer contact points.

Saishunkan Co., Ltd. aims to raise awareness of Domohorn Wrinkle products in the Thai market. FOURDIGIT participated in a limited time communication space project at a shopping mall that serves as a clue. We interviewed users and employees and developed a new strategy together. We designed an experience that attracts customers, lets them try out products, and promote the brand at a place where many people gather.
Solution / Output
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Design an experience to meet a brand

Domohorn Wrinkle is a basic skincare brand produced by Saishunkan Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells traditional Chinese medicines and cosmetics. They have spent the past two years trying to expand into Thailand, but have had little success due to a lack of sufficient contact points with customers. By opening a communication space in a shopping mall directly connected to a terminal station, we designed an experience to meet customers and aimed to raise brand awareness.

A brand concept that combines the four perspectives in two countries

FOURDIGIT interviewed employees and users, took a positive impression of Japanese products and culture, and reworked the market strategies with the client and Thai and Japanese teams. We created a modern store design with pale pink and pink gold as the main colors in line with the brand concepts of "femininity" and "Japanese quality". We have ensured customers to spend good time by polite customer service at the store.

Experience design of interest that attracts all customers and makes them try the products

From the left side of the store, people can see the customer service scenery, and from the right side, they can see the display that makes customers want to stop by. A signage was placed at the store front to introduce the product's commitment such as to events, campaign information, materials, and production processes. We designed the store experience so that customers enter the store with an interest in Domohorn Wrinkle from all directions and actually want to try the product.

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Saishunkan Pharmaceutical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Takehiro SUENARI
Vorapong Chanpengpen , Supharoek Sawatkaew , Savarin Salux
Janjira Songsuwong
Sukhum Boondecharak
Sunsern Suttichainimit


Manas Arayawattanawech (Design and built exhibition studio07 Co., Ltd.) , Methawee Arunwijitsakun

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