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Creating a Place That Conveys Character, Not Only Information

Foresight Law Office provides a variety of legal services alongside entrepreneurs and managers. It handles IPOs, M&As, corporate legal affairs, etc., and supports numerous companies from the pre-listing stage. Its corporate site included plenty of the necessary information about the firm’s lawyers and the work they do, but it did not fully convey their characters or their thoughts and desires. We rebuilt their website with the aim of conveying the law firm’s attractiveness as a business partner.
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Expressing Closely Held Values on the Corporate Website

It is easy for the corporate overviews, services provided, and the basic information posted on corporate websites to be similar for companies in the same industry, which means it is difficult to bring out their unique traits. What is needed is branding expressions that convey the legal entity’s character, such as visuals, text, and motion, to differentiate the company from the others.

First we interviewed the managers at Foresight Law Office to bring the firm’s character into relief. We clarified the firm’s values into words and formulated their VISION, MISSION, and VALUES. What we wanted to convey was the firm’s commitment to "moving forward alongside entrepreneurs with shared focus, being an integral part of their corporate growth." In redesigning Foresight Law Office’s website, everything revolved around conveying the firm’s attractiveness as a business partner.

Website Structure and Content Optimization

We made use of existing content while optimizing the website’s structure and content, with the focus on conveying the firm’s attractiveness as a business partner. We designed the website so that people viewing it would at first sight feel Foresight Law Office’s uniqueness, what distinguishes it from other law firms, and then allow the content that follows to give them a crystal clear perception of the firm’s attractiveness.

We added some content conveying the firm’s thoughts and desires to the outline on the company information page. We made plentiful use of photos of the firm’s offices and its people at work, to create a sense of character and trust. We also reorganized the information about the services they provide on the service webpage and optimized the structure to make it easy for viewers to find the information they want. We added lead text that conveys not only the services the firm offers, but also their commitment, and took SEO into account by rewriting the text.

Conveying a Sense of Innovativeness and Shared Movement, at a Glance

For the first view, we depict a sense of shared movement with a symbolic clip: a scene where a client takes the next step together with the Foresight Law Office. We represent the entrepreneur and Foresight Law Office in animation depicting two organically moving lines interacting with each other as they move toward a single goal. With the message "moving forward together into the future," the firm powerfully declares its commitment to working side-by-side with entrepreneurs. We created the unique world view that fully and clearly represents the attractions of Foresight Law Office.


Foresight law office


Minori ITAYA
Tomoki TOI
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Akari ITO




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