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BOSCHPlantect Application

UI/UX Design for Plant Disease Prediction Service by Utilizing Environmental Monitoring Data and AI which an easy-to-understand usage for everyone

Plantect is a greenhouse environment monitoring IoT service for small to medium-sized farmers. We designed a product interface that supports productivity improvement and healthy crop growth with the industry's first predictor function and visualizing the risk of disease infection for the right environment of house cultivation.
Solution / Output
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How to Deliver Several Different Prediction Data to Users

BOSCH has manufactured the product with built-in sensors sending sensing data to Cloud. AI combines with various data to generate predictions. The product and systems had been already produced, and we took part in UX design for an interface that interacts with the users of the service.

Think from User Needs

FOURDIGIT started from user research to see a mental model of how user will use the product and created a user scenario by defining the collected data about user and timing. We designed UI wireframe by figuring out the time and what information would be needed, and combining with valuable data.

Intuitive Interface Design

The interface design on the actual product is easy to use even by people who are not familiar with the technology to understand the data shown on the display. The project got high reviews and received a Good Design Award. The product is also an epoch-making for thinking about the future of agriculture and it was one of our big opportunities for designing UI/UX of IoT Products.


Bosch Corporation


Kazuki YABE
Takuya ABE

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