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Isetan MitsukoshiHi TAILOR

Making Custom-Tailoring Something for Everyone with Automated Measuring Technology

Hi TAILOR is an ecommerce service that enables easy online custom ordering of menswear garments such as business shirts and suits. FOURDIGIT was responsible for every aspect of this service design, from UX consulting to design and development. We reviewed measurement, fabric selection, customization, and all other aspects of the custom-tailoring service experience normally conducted in store, and rebuilt it on an ecommerce platform. Utilizing technology, we designed a service that would make custom ordering feel more relatable.
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Taking the Custom-Tailoring Experience Online

The custom ordering services offered by department stores have long been providing the ultimate purchasing experience through exceptional customer service. However, this high-status image also has the effect of creating distance with certain users. We wanted to offer high-quality custom-tailored menswear through a more relatable service. So began the project to reconstruct the custom ordering experience using digital technology. We asked ourselves how we could take the customer service knowledge and knowhow developed in store up till this point and put it to use effectively online. We also questioned what a comfortable shopping experience that combined high quality with approachability would look like. It was necessary to design the entire user experience.

Creating a Story While Identifying Strongly with the Persona

We developed a persona that reflected aspects such as the charm of custom ordering and online purchasing concerns that had been discovered through user research. Through collaboration with the client we were able to craft a story that brings out the charm of the service and resolves concerns while identifying strongly with the detailed behaviors of our persona. Not only did we design the ecommerce site which would be the end result, we also built the overall service experience from the initial encounter with the service, to purchasing, to delivery.

Employing Automated Measuring Technology and What We Noticed from Our PoC

The service employs automated measuring technology that takes a person’s measurements with only two photographs. We conducted a PoC using a prototype, and obtained exhaustive user perspective input. The testing investigated not only whether the technology functioned properly from a development perspective, but also looked at quality perspectives such as whether it was a comfortable experience and whether it delivered the desired product. This was followed up with repeated improvements based on the feedback received from actual users.

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Balancing the Enjoyment of Customization with the User Burden

Through testing, we realized that if we implemented customization for everything including size adjustments and so on, it would lead to a heavy user burden. We discovered that the selling point of custom ordering—being able to select every detail—was actually diminishing the user experience value. This is why we chose to make the customization functions optional—decreasing the burden on users who want a simple process, and offering greater selection to those who want it. In this way, we discovered utility value for each group. We have ensured a user-centered perspective across the entire project and created a new experience in relatable custom tailoring.

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Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd.


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Pengjun LIU
KInro SYO , Ryosuke KISHIMOTO , Syunsuke SAKURAI , Kanon KAKUNO , Naoya KASAI , Ken HARASHIMA
Taeka TERABE , Dasom KIM
Yasushi TAKEDA

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